Sunset camel rides, traditional Moroccan Hammam, and thrilling cliff jumping in Paradise Valley.
These local Moroccan adventures are all close distance to our beach house.

Surf Shop

Locals taghazout Shop is one of the best in town and it provides everything you could need to make your surfing trip possible. Stock up on the little things you left at home or choose to rent or buy some of the best quality wetsuits or a huge selection of soft boards: shortboards, longboards, body boards, single fins, and more…

Board hire from €15 per day

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is the name given to part of the Tamraght River Valley in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains. It is located about 20 km north of Agadir. The valley is known for its abundance of rock pools and small waterfalls.

€30 per person

What you get

Transport to and from the valley—a scenic, 45 minute drive with fantastic views.

A guide who will explain your options and hike with you.

Lunch, snacks and water for the day.


A hammam is a traditional Moroccan spa. It is the place to relax, unwind and detoxify. You can also meet new people while you are there, or maybe even make some new friends! Hammams are known for their pampering treatments: they offer hot steam baths (sometimes called “hammams”), massages, body scrubs and more!

Starts from €15 per day

Sand Surfing

The practice of sand surfing is pretty similar to other board sports. It is done by riding down a sand dune on a board with both feet strapped. It can also be practiced by sitting down or lying on the board. Unlike snowboarding, it has shorter runs.

Starts from €20 per day


Quad bike is a three or four wheel motor vehicle with handlebars for correct navigation and tires that exerts low pressure. These bikes are designed to work compatibly with the inaccessible and varied grounds. Resultantly, these bikes are considered best to ride on the sand.

 €25 per day

Horse Riding

Horse riding is the activity of riding a horse, especially for enjoyment or as a form of exercise.
this activity allows you to discover mountains near taghazout village and some hidden spots that are hard to go to with vehicles.

Starts from €40 per day

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